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Detailed Description

Stuffs to access peak's info and version in your application.


#define PEAK_VERSION_NUMBER   0x0010000fL


long peak_version_get_number ()
 Get peak's version number.

const char * peak_version_get_string ()
 Get peak's version as a string.

Define Documentation

#define PEAK_VERSION_NUMBER   0x0010000fL

MNNFFPPS: major minor fix patch status

Function Documentation

long peak_version_get_number  ) 

Get peak's version number.

Useful for even more precise compatibility check.

A number identifying libpeak's version.

const char* peak_version_get_string  ) 

Get peak's version as a string.

A pointer to a string of the version of peak. You don't have to free it as it's still owned by the library.

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