The PEAK Library

Parallel Events and Asynchronous tasKing Library

libpeak is an experimental C library and provides necessary support for an event-based application. Unlike other event libraries, libpeak might process events in parallel on Symmetric Multi-processing (SMP) systems. Its high performance is particularly adapted for networking applications that need to process lots of data on lots of connections.

However, please note that libpeak is not designed to work well with applications that use blocking syscalls or blocking methods in general. In most case, it's possible to avoid them.

More info on when and how to use the PEAK library is being written.

libpeak has been originally written for pxys2, a powerful IRC network proxy scanner, to get rid of the overwhelming abuse of misconfigured proxies on the Undernet IRC network. Thanks to the PEAK library, it's probably the fastest proxy scanner of its kind. Logo